Country Club Tennis

Ongoing Events

Players should call Glenview Tennis at 753-1317 and sign up in advance for Ladies Night and Round Robins.
Every 4th Tuesday:  5 PM
Thursday:  3:30 PM
Monday:  3:30 PM and 6 PM Wednesday:  3:30 PM Thursday:  11:30 AM Friday:  3:30 PM and 6 PM

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Country Club Tennis

Glenview Tennis Club is committed to growing and improving tennis programs in The Villages for tennis players of all levels. Stay tuned as our tennis program grows.

General Information

  • Country Club Tennis features soft courts, also known as Har-Tru and clay, at Glenview Country Club and Nancy Lopez Legacy Country Club. The venerable Hacienda Hills Country Club features four hard courts.
  • All Villagers and their guests and visiting Lifestyle Guests of The Villages, are welcome to play at all country club tennis facilities for a minor charge. Visitors to The Villages may play during open court times.
  • Villagers are requested to present their Villages I.D. upon registering to play. Guests should present their guest I.D. when registering.
  • All championship tennis facilities have a relaxed dress code. However, gentlemen are not allowed to wear tank tops. Tennis shoes are required for play.
  • Standard USTA rules of play and tennis etiquette are requested from all players to enhance everyone’s enjoyment of play.

Country Clubs

Tennis Shop

The Glenview Tennis Shop offers some of the latest in women’s and men’s tennis wear, all court shoes and accessories. Featuring brand names like Lilly’s of Beverly Hills, Tail, Gamma, Wilson, Prince and more. The shop offers other amenities like racket sales, stringing and repair, ball machine and the necessities like hats, wrist bands, grips and overgrips, lead tape, ball holders, arm bands, special strings, and more and more. Our wonderful shop staff can help you with all your tennis needs.


  • Round Robins and mixers for those who want to meet other Village tennis players. Offered through out the week, they are a great way to meet other tennis players here in The Villages
  • Monthly socials that feature mixed doubles, men’s and women’s
  • Exhibitions, tournaments, special benefits and our own Crossed Sticks Golf and Tennis tournament are scheduled year around.
  • Round Robins and USTA leagues for all seasons.